Official Texture Pack

felipepcjr posted Jun 28, 11

I have created a texture pack based on many texture packs in a way that fit LegendaryCraft the best, it has full legendarycraft branding in it, and credit is given to misas for some of her awesome mob and terrain textures. I really recommend you use it, one - because its free, and two - because it shows your support towards the server! Thanks to amyer911 for keeping this alive!

To Install:

1. First download the MCPatcher tool that will allow you to use HD texture packs. Click on the following links to download it for:

2. Download the LCPack Texture pack. (Do not unzip it!)

3. Open your minecraft folder, and insert the in the texturepack folder you will see there.

4. Launch the MCPatcher application and patch your minecraft.

5. Launch the game, click on Texture Packs, and select the LCPack texture. 

6. ENJOY :)
trevrar is this texture going to be updated any time?
braniac69 Umm mc-patcher O-o This is all confusing
mickel098 texture pack should be updated to 1.4.4 i liked the 1.2.5